Manhattan, New York

The last time I was in New York was back in 2011 (photos here) and it was only for a weekend. However, it's not possible to see everything within 2 days, so another visit was a must!

Brooklyn Bridge

 Strawberry Fields in Central Park

  Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

 Wall Street subway

 Highline Park

 Grand Central Terminal

For more photos I took, visit http://dudsanddilemmas.com/

Bike + Coffee

You can find more photos I took on my friend's fashion blog.

Biking in Summer

A few weeks ago, I told my brother's girlfriend that she should have a fashion blog because she posts practically every day an outfit photo on Instagram and has a big passion for fashion. She was very thrilled by the idea and really did create a blog!

You can find more photos that I took on her blog here.